Several " branches " of the Shapcott / Shipcott family developed due to migration in search of work and prosperity.


While some families remained in the Knowstone Bishops Nympton, South Molton locality of North Devon,

others moved away to settle in larger industrial towns and cities such as Barnstaple, Plymouth, Exeter, Looe, Wellington,

Bristol, Cardiff, Tunbridge Wells, Croydon, London, Nottingham, Derby, Bradford, Burnley and, Preston.


Some decided to emigrate overseas, in search of new lives in distant lands - and travelled the oceans to:

America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

So nowadays we can find Shapcotts scattered all over the globe.


There has already been a great deal of research carried out, over the past years, into our Shapcott family ancestry

by a number of very dedicated family historians - particularly by :-  


(the late) REV. LEONARD SHAPCOTT, of Auckland, New Zealand

( who wrote several editions of a book called - “ A Family Called Shapcott "


(the late) BETTY and SIDNEY SHAPCOTT of Seaton, Devon


(the late) PAUL SHAPCOTT of Bristol




(the late) HAROLD SUTTON SHAPCOTT of Queensland, Australia


(the late) DOROTHY SHAPCOTE of Plymouth


JENNIFER SHAPCOTT of Tunbridge Wells, Kent


(the late) JOHN SHIPCOTT of Camborne, Cornwall


AUSTEN SHAPCOTT and Family of Croydon


TERRY SHAPCOTT and Family of Derby


RENÉE SVENSON and Family of Canada / USA


DAVID ALLEN of Canada  




PETER SHAPCOTT of New Zealand  


.................... among many, others, so sorry to anyone if we have omitted you from this list.  



We too are working hard to continue researching the many diverse branches of the Shapcott family, and we are presently endeavouring to collate as much information as possible into one large database, which is steadily growing in size.


We have already made many new friends /"cousins", and we are now corresponding with Shapcotts and Shapcott descendants in Belgium, America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand as well as in the UK.


We are only too happy to share any information we have with others who are interested in Shapcott Family History


We would love to hear from you so please do  


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