Reprint of a second article by The late Dorothy Shapcote of Plymouth (continued)




“Goodes and Chattells” mentioned in the Will of Elizabeth Shapcote,

wife of Philip Shapcote, Esq.


Bequeathed to: John Shapcote

Low silver candlestick and snuffers


Bequeathed to: Anne Shapcote

Silver watch, Two silver muggs, Two silver spoones


Bequeathed to: Catherine Shapcote

Two silver spoones, Two silver porringers


Bequeathed to: John Courtenay of West Molland

Silver creame or fruite dish with a foote


Bequeathed to: Amye Courtenay

Old china bason and euor, Two high silver candlesticks, Snuffers and pan


Bequeathed to: Mary Courtenay

Fower fruite dishes and plates, Two small basons, Faire wrought silver cupp with cover


Bequeathed to: Lady Austen

China bason, Large cupp with cover


Bequeathed to: Grace Lynn

Silver porringer, Silver trencher plate


Bequeathed to: Amy Fosse (née Rosier)

Large silver tankard with Lord Gorge’s arm’s

Bequeathed to: Grace Rosier

Wrought silver cupp with a cover 1688


Bequeathed to: Eliz. Rosier (died before Testatrix)

Silver trencher plate, 1684


Bequeathed to: Susanna Rosier

Silver porringer 1666

Three silver salts


Bequeathed to: Helen Baitson (née Rosier)

Silver bole gilded


Bequeathed to: Margaret Courtice (née Rosier)

Large wrought silver salt-seller with cover, part gilded : part playne, Silver wrought cupp, 1662


Bequeathed to: William Rosier

Two spoones, 1662


Bequeathed to: Lewis Rosier

Fower silver spoones, 1634, One silver spoon, ………..34


Bequeathed to: Urith, Anne and Katherine Shapcote

The rest of her china and vessells and images


Bequeathed to: Catherine Oliver

Silver plate, 1684


Bequeathed to: Sandford (female)

Plane silver tankerd


Bequeathed to: James Courtenay

Silver tankerd with armes of Courtenay, Silver seale with same, Large bole gilded


Bequeathed to: Rev. Roger Rosier

“Lynnen”, jewellery, picture etc., Diaper tablecloth and twelve napkins marked Js. R

Side cloth of same, Three fine wrought coverings for cushions, Wrought cupboard cloth


Bequeathed to: Sandford (female)

One large table cloth and fifteen napkins marked M.S.


Bequeathed to: James Courtenay

Fine damask tablecloth and twelve fine damask napkins


Bequeathed to: Philip Shapcote (husband)

Gold wedding ring, picture he esteemed and Booke of Marters


Bequeathed to: John Courteney

Gold ring enamuled in blue with poesy unitye


Bequeathed to: Emma Austen

Gold locket with hair of children set with diamonds


Bequeathed to: Anne Melhuish

Gold ringe with blue stone and two diamonds


Bequeathed to: Urith Shapcote

Seaven stone diamond ring, Gold watch belonging to her daughter Elizabeth Shapcote


Bequeathed to: Thomas Whettenahall

Picture of her own mother set in a round, black ebony frame with a cover to it


Bequeathed to: John Lynn

Picture of her own ffather set in a little black, square frame


Bequeathed to: Catherine Oliver

Dressing box wrought all in silk by herself when younge and case belonging to it and all in it


Bequeathed to: Judith Courtenay

Little cabinet of drawers standing in her chamber windowe


Bequeathed to: Margaret Gond

One best head-dress


Bequeathed to: Dorothy Cove

Quilted coate and mantle





















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