E.   The Will of William Shapcott of Bishops Nympton



The formal Will is not available but the following facts have been ascertained :


William Shapcott was baptised in 1781 at Bishops Nympton, the son of John and Rose Shapcott.  


In 1804 William  married a Susannah Tout and established their home in a large thatched house called

"The Island" in Bishops Nympton.  


The house was so named as it stood alone at one end of the village.  


The house was originally believed to have been two houses with an addition built between them to join them together.  This fact is born out by the terms of the Will.  


William was a Linen Draper.


His last Will and Testament was made out on April 10th, 1855.  


He appointed as his executors : James Shapcott of Bristol, (a Grocer) and


Alexander Shapcott of Bishops Nympton (Cordwainer or Bootmaker).  


The Will stated that he was "weak in body but sound of mind".  


William Shapcott died on April 19th 1855, nine days after making his Will, at the ripe old age of 74 years.  


His effects were valued at under £100.  


He left:-


"To my son Alexander, the northernmost part of the dwelling called "The Island"."


To my son James and daughter Susannah Marsh, the southern part of the dwelling called "The Island".




“The Shapcott Family of Bishops Nympton”.






E.   The Will of Henry Shapcott of Bradninch



This Will is very important as it provides important links with the Shapcott family of Knowstone

and confirms the relationship of Colonel Robert Shapcott of Bradninch.


Henry Shapcott of Bradninch made out his Will on the 27th July 1631. Perhaps he thought his life was drawing to a close.


In his Will Henry stated that he was born in Knowstone and that his brother was German Shapcote.


He requested that he be buried in Bradninch.  


He stated further that he was connected with Silverton, Cullumpton and Knowstone.  


His family are named as:  


Winifred, Elizabeth and Margaret, Robert and Francis "All under 21".


His grandson was Robert: "son of his son. Under 21".


Henry owned a great deal of property:

East Raddon in Thorveton and Stodmoore in Silverton.  

He owned Cross Ash Tenements in Bradninch, and tenements in Lustleigh.  


An inventory was made of his personal effects.


Henry Shapcott died in 1632 and Mary was named as his wife. (Mary Codner).


Mary was in fact his second wife, his first wife was Wilmot, who had died in 1627.



For more information about Henry Shapcott of  Bradninch and family see


 Shapcotts During The English Civil War

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