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Captain Henry Shapcott of Looe, Cornwall

Born 1794, East Looe, Cornwall, Son of John Shapcott and Ann Hicks

He married Frances Jago on  22 August 1822 at St Martin-By-Looe.

Master Shipbuilder - specialising in 2 and 3 masted Schooners.

Alderman of Looe

Died 7 October 1873, East Looe, Cornwall

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Thomas Shapcott of Looe, Cornwall

Born in about 1828, East Looe, Cornwall, Son of Thomas Shapcott and Elizabeth Warren

Married Lucy Jeffery 25th August 1851

Shipwright  - Apprenticed to his uncle Henry Shapcott (above)


1885 / 1886 - Entered his invention for a Life Saving Raft which was shown at The Fisheries Exhibition, and gained First Prize.

Died 1895 in Grenwich, London

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Rev. George Shapcott of Bishops Nympton, Devon

Born: 1847 in Bishops Nympton, Devon, Son of Alexander Shapcott and Mary Chapple

Married Catherine Sutton Rumble, 1877, Bedford, Bedfordshire

Became a candidate for training in the Methodist Ministry, entered Sunderland College, Yorkshire. Preached his first sermon in Theale, 1872.

Primitive Methodist Minister

Served many devoted years in the area of North West London.

Died 26 January 1935, Wembley, London

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William Henry Shapcott of Looe, Cornwall

Born 1867, East Looe, Cornwall, son of William Henry Shapcott and Susan May

Married Amy Puckey in 1899, St Austell, Cornwall


Awarded a Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal and commemorative mantel clock -

At great personal risk, rescued Dennis Rynd from drowning at East Looe, on the 14th August, 1892.

Died 1929, Liskeard, Cornwall

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Rev. William George Shapcott of Torquay, Devon

Son of Henry Shapcott and Mary Emma, Born 1873, Torquay, Devon

Married Elizabeth Ann McDougall, 16th July 1907

1898 Admitted to Downing College, Cambridge.  1901 Graduated - Bachelor of Arts. 1918 Graduated - Master of Arts

Church of England Priest

1901 Deacon at Litchfield

1901 - 1903 Priest at All Saints Church, Burton-on-Trent

1904 to 1905 • St Andrew's Church, Grimsby, Lincolnshire

1909 -1918 Chaplain, Dartmoor Prison.

Died 8 January 1939 in Wembley Park, London

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Brigadier Sir Henry Shapcott of Exeter, Devon

Born 1888, Plymouth, Devon, son of Henry McKeever Shapcott and Harriet Shaw

Married Rhoda Fuller Syms

1900 - 1903 - Studied Law at Plymouth College

1909 Qualified as a Solicitor

World War I - Served in the Royal Artillery in France and Germany

1919 Staff Captain, Southern Command

1921 Ireland

1923 Military Assistant Staff Captain

1924 DAAG

1934 AAG

1937 Awarded OBE

1941 Awarded CBE (Military)

During World War II and until 1947 served with distinction in the role of Military Deputy of the Judge Advocate General

Brigadier in charge of the Nuremberg War Trials.

1947 Awarded CB (Military)

1948 - 1955 Director of Army Legal Services

1955 Created a Knight of the British Empire (KBE)

Died 10th July 1967, Boscombe, Dorset

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Air Commodore Morton Swan Shapcott C.B.E.

 Born: 27 September 1901, Camberwell, London, son of Samuel Thomas Shapcott and Mary Anne Swan

Married Freda Beatrice Johnson in 1936

Served in the Royal Airforce

1947 - 1948 Commander of the 276 Maintenance Unit

1949 - 1950 Commander of the 16th Maintenance Unit

1950 - 1952 Director of Air Movements in the Air Ministry

1952 - 1954 Air Officer commanding No 206 Group Middle East Airforce

1954 - 1957 Directory of Equipment (B) in the Air Ministry

Air Commodore

1955 Created C.B.E. (Military)

Died 15 April 1977, Dorking, Surrey

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Samuel Shapcott of Bristol

 Born 28 July 1900, Bristol, son of Samuel Coomb-Shapcott and  Mary Annie Collings

Married Christine May Braybrooks, 1950, Bristol

Sub Editor of the "Western Daily Press” in Bristol.

Chief Sub Editor of the "Western Daily Press” in Bristol

1947 - 1962 - Editor of the "Western Daily Press" in Bristol for 15 years.

During the war his courage and remarkable ability in producing the newspaper under extreme difficulties became well known. On the night of 24 November 1940 during the Blitz when the heart of Bristol was ablaze, Sam Shapcott managed to produce a single sheet newspaper

which contained accounts of events in other parts of England.

Died 5th Feb 1971, Long Ashton, Bristol

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Sidney Edward Shapcott


  Born 1920, Exeter, Devon, son of Percy Thomas Shapcott and Beatrice Hobbs

Married Betty Jean Richens in 1943 in Swindon, Wiltshire.  She became a dedicated researcher of Shapcott family history.

1941 - Drafted to the Air Defence Experimental establishment, and held various posts

1942 - 1962 - Held many posts in the Ministry of Supply and the Ministry of Aviation.

1965 - 1975 - Ministry of Defence, Naval Department.

1968 - Made C.S.O.

1968-1972 - Deputy Director in the Admiralty Surface Weapons

1972 - 1975 - Director of Underwater Weapon Projects,

Admiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment, Portland

1976-1980 - Director General of Airborne Weapons and Electronic Systems in the Ministry of Defence.

Died 2001 in Dartford, Kent

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Rev. Leonard Shapcott


 Born: 23 April 1916, Christchurch, New Zealand, son of Percy William Josiah Shapcott and Ada Lily Watt

Married Grace Cowin 6th March 1946, Nelson, New Zealand

1949 Ordained Methodist Minister

Served in Nelson, Kaeo in North Auckland, Waitara in Taranaki, Caversham in Dunedin, Cambridge in Waikato, and Rangiora in North Canterbury.

A keen researcher of Shapcott family history and author of several editions of the book "A Family Called Shapcott".

Died 1st March 2007, Auckland, New Zealand

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