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A.   The Will of William Shapcott of West Anstey

Probate copy of Will dated 2nd June 1656

Note - Transcribed by the late Stanley R.S. Shapcott. No attempt has been made to correct spelling - thus it is an exact copy.

I  WILLIAM SHAPCOTT of the parish of Westanstyn in the Countie of Devon being sick of Bodie but of perfect mind and memorie thanks be to Almighty God revoaking all former wills doe make constitute and ordaine this my last Will and Testament bearing date the second day of June in the yeare of our Lord Christ one thousand sixhundred fiftysix as followeth.   

First and before all things I committ my soule to Almighty God etc. and my bodie to Christian Buriall.

Item. I give to the poor of the parish of Westanstyn five shillings.

Item. I give to William Shapcott my kinsman the sonne of William Shapcott my sonne fower pounds.

Item. I give to Alexander Shapcott the brother of the said William Shapcott fower pounds.

Item. I give to John Shapcott the sonne of John Shapcott my sonne, three pounds.

Item.  I give unto Lewis Shapcott brother of the said John Shapcott three pounds, and my wil is that Margaret Shapcott Mother of the said John Shapcott and Lewis Shapcott whall have the use of the said six pounds until they the said John and Lewis shall accomplish the age of one and twentie yeares.

Item. I give unto William Shapcott my kinsman the sonne of John Shapcott fortie shillings.

Item.  I give unto William Thomas (sic) of Mollard twenty shillings.

Item.  I give unto Thomazine Shapcott my kinswoman twenty shillings.

Item.  I give unto Elizabeth ---- her sonne of Chauley tenne shillings.   

Item.  I give unto Robert ffleming twenty shillings.

Item. All other of my goods not given nor bequeathed I give and bequeath unto Andrew Shapcott my sonne whom I do make constitue and ordaine my whole and sole executor to see my debts and legacies and funerall expenses discharged.

In witness whereof to this Originall I have set my hand and seale in presence of Robert ffleming,

The mark of William Shapcott

The mark of Abigail Hosegood and Grace Morse Mark.

This Will was proved in London on the 6th October 1656.

Administration was granted to Andrew Shapcott.

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