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dated 17th October 1746


of good testimony who has passed an examination to be GUNNER of the GIBERALTAR

former to be removed to the ROMNEY.

Public Record Office Ref: ADM 6/17 Page 164


dated 15th April 1749


Late gunner of the GIBERALTAR

To be in the SQUIRREL former sick.

Public Record Office Ref: ADM 6/17 Page 456


Commissioned Sea Officers of The Royal Navy 1660 - 1815

Volume III (O - Y)

SHAPCOTE, EDWARD - Lieutenant Commissioned - 18 March 1782

SHAPCOTE, JOHN - Lieutenant Commissioned - 12 January 1782

SHAPCOTE, THOMAS - Lieutenant Commissioned - 19 March 1811

Public Record Office Ref: 198c

For more information regarding the above see the Chapter “The Shapcotes of Stepney”


Entry of Officers & Pensioners

(Oct 1765 To Dec 1803)

Entry No.  10744

21st July 1775

HENRY SHAPCOTE died 7th June.

Public Record Office Ref: ADM 73/36 Part II

Documents Held At The North Devon Record Office


Title Deeds

Cross & Wyatt Solicitors, South Molton

Ref: 2309B

Party Lessee For Lives Knowstone 1658

Thomas Shapcote - Gent. of Exeter

Ref: 2309B/T38/36

Numerous Properties Including Mill

Ref: 2309B/T38/1-65

Conveyance In Trust 1696

1. Philip Shapcote of Knowstone, Esq.

2. John Cruwys of Cruwys Morchard, Esq.

andNicolas Oliver of Bishops Nympton, Gent.

Ref: 2309B/T38-66

Mortgage 1700

1. Philip Shapcote & Sons

2. James Courtenay of West Molland, Esq.

Ref: 2309B/T67

Mortgage 1700

1. Philip Shapcote & Sons

2. James Courtenay of Molland, Gent.

Ref: 2309B/T68-69

Conveyance In Trust 1701

1. Philip Shapcote.

2. John Cruwys, John Shapcote & James Ratterbury of Ashreigney, Gent.

Premises: Shapcote:

East Knowstone Manor, Wiston; Swinham; Oakford; Ramsterland; Washfield

Ref: 2309B/T70-70-71

Conveyance In Trust For Sale  1701

1. Philip Shapcote

2. John ShapcotePremises:  as above except Shapcote.

Ref: 2309B/T72-73

Party To Conveyance In Trust (Knowstone) 1701

John Shapcott

Ref: 2309B/T38/70-71

Party To Conveyance In Trust For Sale (Knowstone) 1701

John Shapcott

Ref: 2309b/T38/72-73

Party To Conveyance In Trust (Knowstone) 1701

1. Philip Shapcote

2. Sir John Poole of Shute, William Coleman of Gornhay esq

John Cruwys and John Shapcott

Ref: 2309B/T38/72-74

Transfer of Mortgage 1702

1. John and James Courtenay

2. Philip and John Shapcote

3. Mary Saffin of Exeter, widow

Ref: 2309B/T38/72-75

Lease And Release 1725

1. Mary Saffin And Descendants Of Philip Shapcote

2. James Handford Of West Anstey

Ref: 2309B/T38/76-81

Mortgage 1758

1. James Handford

2. Sir Thomas Dyke Acland Of Culm John

Premises:  Shapcote & Tonge, East Anstey

Ref:  2309B/T38/85

Mortgage 1809

1. Mary Gay of South Molton, widow, nee Handford and mortgagees.

2. Thomas Brown of South Molton, mercer

Premises: Shapcote & Tongue.

Ref: 2309B/T38/89

Assignment of Term  1829

1. Thomas Brown

2. Thomas Handford of Wellington, gent.

Premises: Shapcote & Tongue.

Ref: 2309B/T38/90

Release  1834

1. Robert G. Throckmorton of Buckland, Berks. Esq.

2. James and John Handford of Wellington, gents.

Premises: Shapcote Wood and Ragmans Clist.

Ref: 2309B/T38/91

Party To Counterpart Lease (Barnstaple) 1877

William Shapcott - Tailor of Barnstaple

Ref: B56/14/3

Lease Message On/Near Long Bridge, Barum 1798

William Shapcott

Ref: B1/3382

Insolvent Debtor 1830

Thomas Shapcott

Ref: B842/17

These documents can be viewed at:

North Devon Record Office, Tuly Street,  Barnstaple, North Devon. EX32 7EJ.  Tel: 01271 388608

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