The Coat of Arms





Sable, a Chevron Or Between Three Dovecotes Argent with Goat’s Head Erased

Terms in heraldry : Sable  -  Black,   Or  - Gold,  Argent  -  Silver

Erased  -   means with jagged neck as though torn from a body.

Technically this is not  “A Shapcott Family Coat of Arms”  as a Coat of Arms is registered to a person not a family.  

Therefore only the direct descendants of that person is entitled to use it.

The first Shapcott to use it was Sir John, Sheriff of Devon, and can be found on a stained glass window in Bampton Church.  

It is identical to the one shown but without the chevron.

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In 1620, Thomas Shapcote also wanted one but the College of Arms refused to let him use the original, even though he was a member of the family.

Thomas was not a direct descendant so he added the chevron.  It now became a completely new Coat of Arms and was registered as such.

A note of thanks to late Peter Shapcott of New Zealand, who helped to clarify this issue.

He was the Archivist of the Heraldry Society (New Zealand Branch)